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A Little Bit About Us

My name is Marc and am the founder of I am an expert of the publishing and software platform upon which I build all websites. My background is photography, painting, filmmaking, and have a great experience in public relations.

I have 15 years of experience with website design. I have knowledge of the latest code html5 and css3, Internet marketing, strategic advertising, social media, and build all the websites myself.
I do not outsource. I apply all of my creativity and skills to create a unique website that will drive more customers, sales and bring you success. I work closely with my clients, I listen to their necessities and build accordingly. I always guarantee you a 100% satisfaction!

For specific projects, where other skills are needed, I get the help from my 3 team members.

George is a photographer and no one is better than him working with pictures. I step back and let him work his magic if professional and particular photos are needed.

Scott is an awesome coder, a geek and I get constantly surprised by how much he knows and can accomplish even in very short time-frames. Scott will step in if someone requests a website as big as Facebook and/or with similar features.

Belle is a tattoo and street artist, also a painter (oil, water color); she has an impressive talent.  If necessary, she steps in for custom unique graphic editing and drawings.

Thank you.


Pricing? Wow.

Quality? Top Notch.


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Why We Love What We Do

We are all very creative individuals and we value our talent! We all wish to make of small visions a reality. We work very hard every day to accomplish our goals and never give up.

We are also very grateful and feel happy we can do what we love. We start the day with this wonderful tea called black sunshine, I still don’t know what it is made of exactly, but it literally wakes our minds, sets the mood and awakens our creativity.
Last, we genuinely care to help people in general, and we wish to make you successful by unleashing a shocking and local website design :).

Thank you for visiting us.


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